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The New Normal Series

Creating artwork during the pandemic and political landscape of the past few years has been crucial in maintaining sanity and balance.  I have produced work that focuses on the expression of my deepest fears and anxiety in the graphic Shapes and Relationships Series. 

      To balance that angst, I began the Silver Lining Series, a celebration of natural beauty above and below, created with layered metallic inks, paints, variegated leaf, and natural pigments. These are applied with found objects and household refuse.

    From these two contrasting series a new body of work has metamorphosized into the New Normal series.  I realized that I needed to find a way to coexist with these mercurial feelings and emotions to reach a new “normal” rather than swinging from one state to another.  I combined materials and techniques, giving up the use of brushes, utilizing both the metallic and black and white, while focusing on the power of negative space and value contrast.  Texture is a binding element in these pieces. 

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