Meditative Eye Paintings

This is a visual art class designed to relieve stress and be done in a very quiet restorative environment. No experience is necessary. You will create a Radiant Meditative Eye painting meant to be a focal point for meditation as well as a beautiful empowering experience and mesmerizing piece of art work. These organic radial pieces are soothing to create. We'll be working with & gouache pencil along with metallic paints at the end. 

Art Workshops

 Meaningful Mandala Drawings

Create radial symmetrical designs that are infused with meaning. Although the designs look complex, the materials are simple and the process is both creative and soothing.  You’ll have a chance to break out your colored pencils or use ours and learn some new techniques.

One of the best purposes of creating Mandalas is to create universal harmony.

By exploring the things you value, and revisiting your connections to nature, others, and yourself you will find unique imagery to use in creating these beautiful soothing pieces of art. 

You Can To Learn To Draw!

Drawing what you see is possible if you learn how to ignore your brain, and retrain it.  Sounds hard? It's not, with some simple guidelines you can learn how to draw with a flowing confidence, and how to adjust what you're not happy with.  You'll end up with a stylized realistic series of increasingly accurate drawings.

Wild Landscapes

This class uses minimal line and lots of texture to create landscapes that you can "feel".  Learn about what makes Van Gogh's paintings and drawings so captivating. We'll explore mark making techniques and you'll develop your own library of textures to use in creating these layered, intuitive drawings.  You'll be introduced to different types of pencils to enhance your work.  

Surrealistic Collage and Poetry

We'll learn about the Surrealism, finding found poetry and creating collages that form an alternate universe with interesting characters.

Pattern based Design and Color

Learn about a user friendly way to increase your pattern library, and create colorful lyrical designs. Learn about ways to use color affectively, and create a series of pieces using different themes and techniques.

Watercolor Tricks and Kandinsky

Play with a variety of fun easy ways to work with watercolor.  Then we'll look at the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky for inspiration in adding lines and creating a floating musically inspired painting/drawing.

Textured Abstractions

We will use a trick to create a textured interpretation of an abstract piece of art using plaster and wood followed by acrylic paint tricks.  These pieces will look and feel intricate but the process is a fun one to learn!

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