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Natalie Boburka is a mixed media artist known for working with natural and discarded materials.  Her work is primarily conceptual and consists of several evolving series. Boburka works in a variety of media, expressing reactions to social, environmental, feminist, and political topics.  She often uses natural dyes as an underlayer for her paintings, and natural or discarded objects to apply pigment.  She is often influenced by traveling and collecting images and objects from different geographical settings which she uses to represent impressions of locales with color, texture, and movement.  Boburka has shown work in galleries and public spaces primarily in New York State since 2009. She recently founded “Arts Around Greenville” and is the Tour Director for the Arts Around Greenville Studio Tour.  She has a long history as an art instructor working in school districts as well as with adults in a variety of settings.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Buffalo State College studying Art Education and Art Therapy.  She received a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Empire State College in Albany. She is a certified K-12 Visual Art Teacher.

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