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Workshop Philosophy

Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs!

From Natalie: I love creating art, but I am also forever a teacher, it is part of my nature, and I love helping to facilitate learning at all levels and ages.  I have experience teaching Pre-K to Senior Citizens, and students with Special Needs.  I’m most passionate about facilitating immersive arts experiences for their ability to be creative, nurturing and healing. Workshops can be tailored to work with differing populations, from personal relationships, business team building, school settings, women’s groups, and individuals. I have experience developing programs for different settings, integration of differing curriculums and goals, and using a variety of mediums and Differentiated Learning techniques.  I  frequently attend workshops to continuously educate myself.

From Ted: The communal experience of creating music is a joy.  It's a form of communication that is sometimes almost telepathic.  The ability to share that joy through experiential learning is fulfilling and inspiring. I have held workshops and private lessons for pre-school through adult groups and individuals.  My goal in these workshops is to open up the doors of music for those who are inexperienced, curious, and are eager to experiment. I have a variety of instruments, from all types of electronics, to found sound, drum kits, percussion, and ethnic instruments.  At the end of each workshop my students receive a recorded cd of their own original music.

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